My art practice is built on line, color, and layer. This foundation of visual tools stays constant as I explore my creative potential. I’ve worked with a variety of mediums including wood, metal, paint, even bones and flesh, but my favorite is glass. Throughout 2018 I developed a body of artwork around mark making and surface texture. I explored these ideas in three-dimensional forms using glass, copper wire, dowel rod molds, and sandblasting techniques. In tandem with my glass work, I created paintings that approach mark making and surface texture from a Color Field point of view.  



My mission is to stay connected to and grounded in family, love, and the earth. Respect and see the value in all life. Work with compassion, gratitude, and patience leading my way. To listen to and love those who find it hard to love themselves. To express myself to the fullest and create beautiful things both in art and in connections with others. 

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